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  1. For all work (installations etc) completed by Cawthorne -Electrical, Cawthorne-Electrical will guarantee the workmanship, equipment and accessories for a specified period ( as described below) assuming no limitations to the guarantee's are breached. ( see limitations section below).

  2. Cawthorne-Electrical guarantee's are backed by The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers. www.napit.org.uk or Tel. 0870 444 1392.

Guarantee periods.

  1. Fixed electrical wiring and cables. 6 years.

  2. Electrical accessories. 12 months or manufacturers guarantee.

  3. Electrical equipment. 12 months or manufacturers guarantee.

Limitations to guarantee's.

  1. Work (installations etc) not completed or not agreed as completed by Cawthorne Electrical will not be covered by Cawthorne- Electrical or NAPIT guarantee's.

  2. Guarantee's for work (installations etc) completed by Cawthorne-Electrical will become null and void if any of the following breaches to the guarantee's occur.

  • In the event of any work carried out by any person or persons, other than those authorised to do so by Cawthorne-Electrical or under the supervision of Cawthorne- Electrical, which disturbs, damages, makes alterations or additions to, or in any other way effects the work (installations etc) under guarantee.

  • In the event of damage being caused to the work (installations etc) under guarantee, due to fire, flooding, storm damage or any other environmental happening or effect.

  • In the event of damage being caused to the work (installations etc) under guarantee, due to accidental, intentional or negligent actions by any person or persons not authorised or supervised by Cawthorne-Electrical

Guarantee's are non-transferable. In the event of a change of ownership please contact Cawthorne-Electrical.

Terms and conditions.

All electrical work (installations etc) completed by Cawthorne -Electrical will be in compliance with the relevant regulations : The IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition to BS 7671: 2008, The Electricity at Work Act 1989 and The Building Regulations 2005, Part P. Customers will be responsible for any existing installations, equipment or accessories etc which are non-compliant with the regulations above. Cawthorne-Electrical will, as far as reasonably possible, advise customers of any such non-compliances.

All electrical work (installations etc) completed by Cawthorne-Electrical will be certificated with the relevant certification and notification given to the relevant authorities, as required by The Building Regulations 2005, Part P.

Prior to any work being commenced, a written Quotation will be produced.

Acceptance of Quotations by authorised signature will form a contract between Cawthorne Electrical, and the customer, as specified. Commencement and duration of the work will be agreed by the parties, and payment made in full for the completed work, no later than 14 days after the completion date.

For further information on the regulations governing electrical installations please visit-





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